Astro Hounds Ambassador Program

Every idea has a leader and every leader needs an army 🐕

Astro Hounds is undergoing the largest project update of the year. We switched from Terra to Avalanche, and now we are branching out from play to earn into move to earn. Our dedicated and talented team is working around the clock to make that happen.

But we need you 👇

In order to execute on our bright new ideas, bring our product to fruition and find our audience, we need strong, brave, loyal ambassadors. You can pioneer, create and spread awareness and excitement for our goal — making wellness available to every individual through blockchain.

Apply here:

Why should you become one? 💥

Be part of our team. Being our ambassador means you are part of our team. Dive in, learn, grow with the project.

  • Reach the top. Rank as high as possible among the ambassadors and be awarded for your efforts.

What will you do?

  • Engage. Inspire engagement through conversations, articles, campaigns, and events.


  • You are obsessed with the idea of bringing wellness into the crypto tech,

You must accept and behave according to our company culture. Our core values are:

  • Be a lifetime student

Apply here:

What’s Astro Hounds?

Astro Hounds is a Health & Wellness app built on AVAX, where you get rewarded for making steps toward your wellness goals, with your NFT Astro Hound by your side. Get rewards for sleeping, working out, or meditating. Enhance your mind, body and spirit.

Join the Astro moon mission and be the first to experience our exciting next steps ⤵️




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