Astro Hounds Breeding Makes Generational Racing Happen

Watching hounds chase and peel across the racetracks is not the only factor in Astro Hounds. Yes, they are fast, and yes, their winnings earn you $HOUND, but they do more. They breed.

Breeding your Astro Hounds 🧬
Just like biology, the Astro Hounds breeding process allows for totally unique offspring with individual DNA that cannot be replicated. This is by using a controlled random number generator which interacts with our smart contract, to randomly combine 50% of the father DNA with 50% of the mother DNA.
You can never know which 50% will be taken from whom, exactly like real life.

Therefore, at the end you will receive a unique puppy NFT hound based on the genetics of the hounds you bred.

You can keep your puppy, or sell it on to other players in the NFT marketplace for $HOUND.

The Heart Races On With “Kemistry” 🧪

In order to mate your Astro Hounds, you’ll have to purchase the love serum “Kemistry Potion” from the Sanctuary in the Cerberus Station. After you have your potion, there are a few things to take into consideration before mating.

First you will need to pick out your best male and female Astro Hounds. As both males and females race in Astro Hounds, you won’t have any trouble looking at the statistics for both.

Also you should have in mind that for now, only Astro Hounds of the same tribe may breed. Oftentimes you want to pick out your fastest hounds, but there are other attributes to look at as well.

Once you pick two hounds, mating is initiated by a smart contract called the genetic algorithm. It will take about an hour before mating is finished and the male and female Astro Hounds are returned to the owner.

The Newly Bred 🐶

After both Astro Hounds have returned to their owner, it will take a few hours before the hounds recover. It takes twenty four hours for male hounds to recover and forty eight hours for female hounds to recover after mating.

Your puppy Astro Hound becomes a full fledged male or female hound after fourteen days. That means he or she will be ready to race after you pick it up from the Kennel. Your new Astro Hound will resemble the same dynamic elements as the parents.

With that said, its attributes will vary in slight deviation from the original attributes of their parents. For example, this deviation may make your puppy either faster or slower in regards to the agility attribute. Also, your newly born Hound will have the hidden attributes of either their father and mother.

More Than Puppy Love 💕

Astro Hounds breeding introduces a whole new paradigm to racing. By picking out the best elemental hounds of the same element and breeding them, you will be able to add a puppy hound to your reserve.

Racing this new Astro Hound will give you similar experiences as the last. As the puppy inherits aspects from its father and mother, it will behave similarly. But what is unpredictable is its latent abilities that it executes on the track.

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