Astro Hounds Will Disrupt Gaming, Forever

Fast, furious, tense and triumphant — Asto Hounds will leave its mark on the esports world forever. Astro Hounds is the official home of NFT dog racing. It is breathing new life into the esports industry by showing dogs in a way that has never ever been seen before ⚡️

Until now, no-one had dared to revive this old sport, no-one had attempted to innovate the industry, no-one had considered the digital possibility. Until now.

Astro Hounds will feature smart NFT hounds racing across online multiplayer race tracks on planets in the Canis Major Dwarf System. Each planet is unique. Each racing arena is different. Each track demands new strengths. And each time your hound wins, you win $HOUND 💰

You can train your smart NFT hound to bring it to the best ability possible that will increase your chances of winning 🏆

You are also able to bet on race outcomes using $HOUND, without owning a dog. If you do, the possibilities go beyond racing. You can work your way up the racing league ranking table to take ownership of the metaverse platform and capitalise on viewership — by owning your own racing arena or training gym.

Astro Hounds are going for the gold: disrupting gaming, a 300 Billion dollar industry. And we will not look back 🥇

Growth in Games 🎮

The gaming market is growing. The global video gaming market was valued at 173.70 billion USD in 2020, and it is expected to reach a value of 314.40 billion USD by 2027. This growth is expected across the entire globe.

Additionally, the age range of gamers is weighted towards the younger generation. This coincides with heavy Gen-Z and Millennial cryptocurrency adoption. This demographic sees itself as gaming more in response to the pandemic as of April 2020.

The New World of Gambling 🎲

The online gambling market is also on the rise. The global online gambling market size was valued at 53.7 billion USD in 2019 and is expected to grow 11.5% compounded annually to 2027.

Also online sports betting was legalised in the United States by the Supreme Court in 2018, which will see an influx of Americans to the community, who are also key market players in crypto.

Online gambling is currently not monopolised or consolidated by major players. This enables smaller startups and new players to enter the market at a lower risk of entering a market previously dominated.

Dog Days of eSports 🐕

Esports is another gaming market set for growth. Due to the increasing digitisation of our lives, gaming viewership is increasing online. It increased to 7.46 billion hours worth of viewing alone in 2020.

What is more, eSports viewers’ age and the key age demographic for cryptocurrency users (i.e. Gen Z and millenials) match. Also, as the space matures we expect to see eSports become the norm in mainstream culture.

The Race To Disruption Begins 🏎

All three of these sectors Gaming, Online Sports Gambling, and Esports are represented in the Astro Hounds metaverse. As playing, waging, and viewing are key parts to the Astro Hounds metaverse.

This creates multiple points of interest in our unique metaverse. And it allows those who participate the opportunity to profit in $HOUND. All of these growing segments are signs of things to come. As we are just getting started.

See you on the race track 🏁


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