Astro Hounds x The Mafioso Collab: The Winners Circle

Astro Hounds
3 min readApr 24, 2022

What is Astro Hounds?

The Dog Racing Petaverse on Terra 🏁

It’s not the size of the dog in the race, it’s the size of the race in the dog.

This is intergalactic dog racing with a Formula 1 edge — Each planet has a new challenge. Race, train, breed and build your elite team. Championships pay you. Losers pay you. Fans pay you. $HOUND.

Does your dog have what it takes to win? Scan and upload with AR and find out.

What’s on the roadmap for Astro Hounds?

As the crypto industry takes a more mainstream position within society, we must at the same time adapt to the current needs of society. It is clear that reconnecting with the world and others around us is key for this industry, based entirely on the internet. Web3 is a vital shift for humanity but it must not take us from the outside world. Astro Hounds wishes to pioneer the movement of utilising blockchain technology to get people healthier and reconnected with others and the world around us.

Therefore, Astro Hounds has several exciting milestones coming up.
Our gaming concept has expanded into the move2earn space, as we broaden to integrate mind and body movement to our core.

We also have a

🎮 playable game demo,
🎥 cinematic game trailer,
🐕 NFT Genesis Collection mint,
💰 and IDO all coming soon!

Everyday is an exciting day for the community!

And don't worry, our team is comprised of experienced professionals both in and outside of Web3 — including ex Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney & KuCoin, who are able to launch us into our exciting new place.


But, lets get back to the reason we are all here — “did I win?”

You may have seen that last week Astro Hounds hosted a Gleam campaign with Mafia Metavserse The Mafioso. This is part of our initiative to reward our community members whilst also partnering with other strong projects in the industry.
We have up to 3000 USDC to giveaway, and finally the compition draws to a close.

$3,000 / $150pp & 20 WLs up for grabs, the competition was heated. Thousands of you entered… but from that, there are only 40 winners. Winners were selected at random for complying with the rules of the campaign.

So, are you one of the lucky ones?

To find out, you must enter our discord 👉🏻

Verify yourself and join the competition channel where we will post the link containing the 40 lucky winners. If your name is selected, you will see it in the above link. We will not be posting the winners link on twitter or any other space other than the competition channel in Discord, so this is your only opportunity to find out if you won and to claim your prize. Please therefore do join our Discoird 👉🏻

Good luck!


Remember to join our discord to be a part of our wellbeing movement: weekly wellness events, move2earn physical exercises for everyone to partake in, as well as community meets with the team as part of our shift to realign what is important for humans.

Join the Astro moon mission and be the first to experience our exciting next steps ⤵️