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Astro Hounds
9 min readJun 14, 2022

The world’s first #FitFi health & wellness Petaverse incentivizing active lifestyles and mindfulness — Built on Avalanche.

Move-to-earn With Your Own Astro Hound

Move-To-Earn has created a great way for users to become more active but, it barely scratches the surface of what’s possible when leveraging the power of web3.

This got us thinking…

“How can we extend the values of our hounds, to enrich peoples lives?”

So we sought out to expand our vision to reach into a more expansive possibility of gameplay without losing the root of who we are.

For those new here, initially, Astro Hounds were designed to train in-game to prepare for elite-level Grand Prix-inspired racing. There is nothing like peak performance, grit, competition, progression, and glory — That’s all good and fun but something was missing. Where’s the real leverage of web3?

What if we bridged worlds and created an opportunity for users to unlock their greatest potential while earning rewards, status, community, and more.

This was the birth of Astro Hounds expansion…

Where users train in mind, body, and spirit to optimize themselves with each progression forward — Earning rewards, and improving their hounds stats for in-game racing while connecting with like-minded community.

While most Move-to-earn projects garner footwear as their gateway we offer companionship, community, and guided support through devoted Hounds.

In the realm of health, studies show that people who exercise with their dogs are more likely to stick with a routine long term. Not only that, those who begin weight-loss programs with their friends, about 95% will finish the program (versus 76% who complete it alone). Excellent news for your activity goals!

To achieve this, we shifted from static gameplay to active involvement, where users embark on the journey towards elite levels of performance. For us, movement simply isn’t enough — You must train your mind, body, and spirit to become an Alpha. Along the way, revealing a higher version of yourself while boosting your hounds in-game performance and unlocking rewards and evolution.

Features & Functions

AstroHounds is a rich and immersive experience rooted in community, wellness, and empowered movement through dynamic and competitive gameplay.

With our world becoming more and more sedentary the fundamental purpose of our #FITFI mini-games is to captivate the sedentary world into action through fun and dynamic incentives (Case study: DDR, Wii, Oculus).

Augmented Reality: Users’ actions nurture and grow their hound in-game capabilities. Adopt an Astro Hound and/or Upload your own and embark on a journey with you and your K9.

Gamification: Empowered competition, team, and challenge creation allow people to combine their fitness with social experiences at the local, regional, and global levels. Opening up the possibility for league development from sponsored sports clubs/run clubs etc.

Earn: Users earn for fulfilling mini-game training/recovery activity, combining their fitness goals with novel income incentives — This investment in health boosts further earning potential through our various earning pathways.

Motivational Fitness: The combination that earning money with gamification provides is an overall force of motivation that inspires, boosts and drives an improvement in users’ wellbeing. Let the dopamine rush do its job.

Let’s Move together

Embark on a journey rooted in movement and growth no matter your physical level. Walk, jog, run, and so much more. With Astro hounds by your side, fitness goals are made easier. Each Astro Hounds’ mission is to enrich your life, making you happier and healthier by standing by your side every step of the way, embodying various wellness principles supported with unconditional service and companionship.

Below are the fundamental building blocks of the Astro Hounds:

What are Astro Hounds?

An Astro Hound is a generative NFT that can either be uploaded as a digital reflection of your beloved hound at home or purchased each with its own unique qualities which evolve, upgrade and customize as you level up on your wellness journey.

Over time, through your activities, your hound will increase in value as you invest time and effort to nurture, racing performance, and aesthetics.

In that sense, they grow as you grow and can be viewed as a reflection of your own fitness journey, but on a more functional level, they help get you to where you want to be.

Each Hound type serves a unique purpose and unlocks specific gameplay functions. Owning more than one type of Hound opens you up to a more expanded gameplay experience. Much like that of owning a real dog. You can only walk one hound at a time — as an exception walking your hound along with your uploaded hound. This is to encourage more regular movement and economic stability.

The optimal use case for such gameplay is found in a strong balance of various key biomarkers to create a robust and champion-level hound.

Essentially, when you sleep, recover, and train well you further increase $HOUND rewards and Hound race output — Elite-level hounds require elite-level training quality — thus creating favorable odds towards fame and glory as the Alpha Hounds.

Hounds can be bought, sold, traded, rented, or uploaded — the more you train the more powerful your earning potential.

What’s an $ASTRO Token?

$ASTRO acts as our foundational governance token (and primary token) $ASTRO is a fungible governance and staking token that represents ownership in the Astro Hound Petavese. As a token holder, you vote on the future of gameplay and stake your tokens to earn rewards.

What’s an $HOUND Token?

$HOUND is our game token that serves its purpose rooted purely for rewards. You can earn $HOUND from our diverse earning pathways found throughout the Astroverse.

What are Snacks & Treats

Users are able to unlock Astro Snack, treats, and rewards once their hound reaches a certain level, enhancing their Attributes and wellbeing.


There are Five types of Astro Snacks, each representing an Attribute/energy boost and are awarded by daily progress:

  • Stamina
  • Love
  • Comfort
  • Resilience
  • Play

Dog Walkers

Have a busy week? But don’t want to neglect your Astro companion and miss out on earning and rewards? Hire a dog walker who you can rent out your Hound and share the earnings.

Dog walkers don’t have to own an Astro Hound but get to enjoy the joy of companionship.

This is a great way to earn passive income with your Astro Hounds or earn $HOUND if you don’t own your own Astro Hound.

GPS & Biometric Data Points

At the base level, the NFT hound’s use case is rooted in GPS movement metrics for unlocking earning potential and rewards. This is to ensure equal opportunity for use across all demographics — All you need is a mobile device.

To enrich the Astro Hounds experience further empowering/using various Astro breeds unlock powerful gameplay mechanics that allow you to integrate and optimize your hound — How you move optimizes your hound’s value & performance.

Data points such as Resting Heart Rate (RHR), Heart Rate Variability (HRV), Respiratory Rate, and sleep scores. Key metrics that makeup performance, recovery, and more from several popular data points like Google Fit, Fitbit, Oura, Whoop, and more. These will be worked into the gameplay via Training & Recovery allowing participants to earn scalable amounts of $HOUND by being active and nurturing their overall wellbeing while also enhancing the in-game performance of their hound.

Astro Hounds doesn’t just reimagine health and wellbeing by improving the personal relationship of its users but also by opening up for opportunities between man and “man’s best friend — By expanding data capture to include users’ dogs with devices like Whistle, FitBark, Fi, and other K9 devoted devices with the same data markers — This has yet to be done in the #FITFI space.

Use case examples:

Optimal sleep helps elevate race performance via stamina and reduce burnout and has in-game rewards from streaks, sleep score, and more.

High Strain training scores improve power and agility useful in leagues and when entering the helps elevate race performance via stamina and reduce burnout and has in-game rewards from streaks, sleep score, and more.

Meditation steaks Meditation is a very important part of your well-being as it decreases cortisol and other stress-related hormones, rebalancing the body and ultimately bringing peace to the individual. Your companion hounds

Rest/Recovery overtraining negatively impacts hound performance — recovery and rest days benefit your hound in the same way it benefits your body.

The optimal use case for such gameplay is found in a strong balance of various key biomarkers to create a robust and champion-level hound.

Essentially, when you sleep, recover, and train well you further increase $HOUND rewards and Hound race output — Elite-level hounds require elite-level training quality — thus creating favorable odds towards fame and glory as Alpha Hounds.

Within the Astroverse

Head-to-Head Challenges

As an aspect of Play-to-earn within the Astroverse, you can set to challenge another user to 1–1 (or up to 4 users in) races to test your progress.

Enter the Arena

Head-to-head races with Astro Champion leagues: Only accessible for Astro Champions. Want to join in the thrill of the race?


Inspired by the thrill and structure of F1, unleash your Astro Champion in the Arena where they put your training to the test against the top moves.

Only Astro Champions can join Leagues. Any champion can enter but beware of the tough competition.

One of the biggest advantages of growing your Astro champions is that you can enter them into global competitions with other players from around the world.

This is where you can see and experience the hard work you have put into your hound as you watch them become not just a champion in your own world, but in others too.

The Astro Hounds can compete with one another in real-time, live grand Prix-inspired races. These races will put your champion to the test among others in the ultimate competition for alpha. The races will be held in arenas and the winner will take home an Astro reward in the form of $HOUND.

This opens up another earning pathway that is ultimately rewarding of your effort to boost your own fitness and in the meantime, elevate your Astro Hound.

All Astro hound racing will take place online.

Racing mechanics

Each player participating in a race will pay the entrance fee in $HOUND. The pot is created from each entrance fee and the winner’s emissions are allocated from that pot.

Race outcome is algorithmically determined based on the interaction of the racetrack conditions, the randomly generated obstacles within the racetrack, and how well the hound’s skills and traits complement the race conditions.

Parting Thoughts

Simply put, we are here to enrich peoples lives and offset the sedentary lifestyle that plagues the modern world — Not just in man and his best friend and we seek to do this by creating an inspired juxtaposition of gamification, competition, and spectacle.

Your pathway of adventure is dynamic with a unique way for you to reach your own health goals, get active with your dog as well as join like-minded tribes that reach across the globe to aim for the “Intergalactic Prix” all while gaining better body mind and fatter pockets.

Astro Hounds is not just a stylish app for playing sports and earning money.

It’ll form an ecosystem of useful apps, NFT collections, and a metaverse built around a global community of extraordinary ppl.

Essentially, if FitTech, Blockchain Gaming, and fantasy sports had a baby they would make an Astro Hound beloved by all.

About Astro Hounds

Astro Hounds is a Health & Wellness app built on AVAX, where you get a digital pet that cares about your wellbeing — get rewards for sleeping, working out, or meditating, OR choose to improve your hounds base stats for in-game racing challenges and Grand Prix-inspired league tournaments.

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