Our NFTs Are Alive

NFTs climbed their way into the broader conversation of art and internet commerce. Most NFTs represent digital images by artists representing profile pictures or mesmerising GIFs. And while digital art was ripe for a revolution. We believe it’s time to take it to the next level.

The Key To Our Velocity 🏎

Our NFTs are equipped with utility. When you purchase an Astro Hound, you’re gaining access to an opportunity of a lifetime. Not to mention a responsibility to a digital entity, your Astro Hound. As you train your Hound, you’ll begin to find all of the traits that will make it a champion. But only in trial by racing will you begin to unlock hidden traits 🧬

Win and you will unlock top tier leagues for your Astro Hound to track in. Not to mention $HOUND, our metaverse currency, which is available for the first few racers. The higher the leagues you place in, the more winnings your Astro Hound will bring in.

Something’s In The Air For Astro Hound NFTs 🛫

And although there’s nothing quite like the thrill of the race. There is more to Astro Hounds NFT than alluring and accelerated hound racing. Eventually, you will also be able to match male and female Astro Hounds in breeding. After breeding, your Astro Hound puppy will gain the attributes of its parents in a randomised fashion. You can in turn choose to train or sell your hound pup. And just like its parents, you will have to race it to discover its hidden abilities.

Turn Your Dog Into An Astro Hound 🦮

Perhaps even just as exciting as racing, when the time is right, you will be able to transform your pet dog in the physical world to a sleek, elemental Astro Hound in our metaverse. After minting your signature Astro Hound, you will be able to train, race, and mate it just like the other Astro Hounds 🦴

In this manner players bring the bond of their physical pet into our Astro Hounds metaverse. This highlights the kinds of connections our racers should foster with their hounds in order to win our cosmic leagues.

Race To The Finish 🏁

So, an Astro Hounds’ NFT isn’t merely about digital art. On the contrary, we intend more. You can train your Astro Hound to find its strengths. Race it to discover its hidden abilities and place in your league for glory. And mate your Astro Hounds to start a racing family, or sell it for more $HOUND to further fund your racing endeavours. Essentially Astro Hounds is more than an NFT project. Astro Hounds are your ticket to our world of high speed and ethical greyhound racing.

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