Ownership & Opportunity

Astro Hounds
2 min readMar 21, 2022

Astro Hounds is a futuristic metaverse that encourages the training and racing of swift elemental greyhounds. Although the Astro Hounds metaverse is focused on racing Astro Hounds, there is more under the hood to promote involvement and inclusion.

Living in a New World 💡

Astro Hounds will include both Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) features. For VR, you will be able to discover the Canis Major system. Feel a part of the Astro Hounds Metaverse, and bond as you train your Astro Hound.

AR allows us to create a program that scans your dog at home and turns it into an elemental Astro Hound. Utilising both VR and AR, will emphasise the feature of ownership that we believe is essential.

Our Technological Edge 🚀

By doing this, we are leading the industry with blockchain technologies that allow self custody of digital currency and smart contracts never before thought possible. Luna-Terra’s blockchain allows for the use of tokens as digital currency making your $HOUND currency, your gain.

The advent of NFTs allows owners to have a real digital claim to their hounds. After mint, no one can temper with your Astro Hound. This includes the developers and other hound owners. The only way to advance your hound is through training.

Providing Opportunity To All 🙌

While breaking walls within the industry is groundbreaking, we don’t do it to boost our ego. We believe decentralised ownership is key to knocking down barriers between people. Enabling anyone in the world the same chances and opportunities to race for $HOUND and achieve glory from their corner of the globe.

While it seemed improbable before, blockchain games now have achieved providing many unemployed people around the world the opportunity to earn. This play to earn segment of gaming is growing internationally.

Our Inclusive Racing Dream 💭

Our vision links ownership with opportunity for those gaming within the global West, East, North,or South. Owning your Astro Hound gives you the ability to race, breed, or sell your hound. But more than that is the opportunity to earn real currency $HOUND and achieve your racing dreams.

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